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Oops. Methane Leakage from Fracked Wells “Alarmingly high..”

by on August 7, 2013

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Full disclosure. Like a lot of other houses, mine is heated in the winter with natural gas – methane.  I’ve taken a lot of steps to make the house much more energy efficient than it was when I moved in- including better insulation, new windows, efficient furnace – and I know it uses a lot less energy than it used to. Still, I’m looking for other alternatives.

For the moment, we are stuck with natural gas as a widely used fuel. That’s something that probably needs to change sooner than we thought – certainly sooner than the rosy “100 years of natural gas” scenarios contemplate.

The leakage of natural gas from well heads, pipelines, and fracked fields is a major challenge, and seemingly turns the “natural gas is a bridge fuel” argument, one that I’ve subscribed to in the past,  on its head.


Almost a tenth of the methane…

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