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NASA: New View of Antarctic Melt has “Profound Implications”.

by on June 18, 2013

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

New study from JPL has big implications for ice dynamics at the South Pole.  I interviewed study author Eric Rignot in December at the AGU conference in San Francisco, above.  You’ll hear him discuss IMBIE, the Ice Mass Balance Inter-Comparison Exercise  an earlier, 2012 effort.
Interesting to compare perspective from the interview, and the press release below.


PASADENA, Calif. — Ocean waters melting the undersides of Antarctic ice shelves are responsible for most of the continent’s ice shelf mass loss, a new study by NASA and university researchers has found.

Scientists have studied the rates of basal melt, or the melting of the ice shelves from underneath, of individual ice shelves, the floating extensions of glaciers that empty into the sea. But this is the first comprehensive survey of all Antarctic ice shelves. The study found basal melt accounted for 55 percent of all Antarctic ice shelf mass loss…

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  1. Donald Campbell permalink

    Icebergs typically lose ice more rapidly from the bottom when they float in slightly warmer water, the ice becoming unbalanced and resulting in overturn.‎

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