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by on July 31, 2012

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

I featured the money quote by Exxon-Mobil Chairman Rex Tillerson in my recent video “Welcome to the Rest of Our Lives”.
Here’s his whole statement, including the set up question by David Fenton.

We know that people in industry  have understood the science for a long time.  The old “Global Climate Coalition” of the 1990s fell apart as the science became clearer on the human causes.  No serious company wants to look like idiots in the face of settled science. In light of this week’s admission by the Oil funded BEST project that climate change is real and humans are causing it, watch for repositioning on the corporate side of the denial camp.  Tillerson rolled out this no-doubt focus-grouped response at a recent meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Look for this as the template for future climate discussions.

The gist, –

“Yeah, its warming.
We’ve always said it…

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