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Why we require a war on fossil fuel

by on July 4, 2012


Today we can read (or experience) about one of the greatest heat waves in recorded history. And in the aftermath of Friday’s incredible derecho event, which is now being blamed for 23 deaths, millions of people are still without power.
And then we have the bad air quality (based largely on wild fire smoke) which forecast is to only worsen as the week progresses (2nd July already reported flag: Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups).The fatal european heat wave from 2003, was in part so deadly, because of bad air quality together with high temperatures. (Surveillance report)

However, even within this dangerous event we can observe today, this is only a glimpse of what is already in store for us and our grandchildren. We Are Just Now Experiencing the Full Effect of CO2 Emitted [by] the Late 1980s.

James Hansen explained 2010: In general, we just now experience the emissions from about 30 years ago. The most carbon dioxide goes not directly into the atmosphere, but ocean or is consumed by plants (also a short term feedback is accelerated plant growth).For instance we have roughly 3 ppm difference Co2 increase to last year’s, and this is just from the Co2 emissions – from what we’ve the released in the 80′s.

There is a delay of several decades between when we put heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere and when the climate fully responds. This is because Earth’s oceans take so long to heat up when extra heat is added to the atmosphere (think about how long it takes it takes for a lake to heat up during summer.) Due to this lag, we are just now experiencing the full effect of CO2 emitted [by] the late 1980s; since CO2 has been increasing by 1 – 3% per year since then, there is a lot more climate change “in the pipeline” we cannot avoid.

So what are we going to do about the growing threat to our livelihoods from unchecked dangerous climate change?


– A Carbon tax, as an incentive for a low carbon lifestyle and to spur innovations
– A Co2 free zone in the city center, transistion to the electric vehicle infrastructure.
– Immediate phase out of oil subsidies.
– Incentives when buying an electric car, especially subsidizing the battery.
– Adoption of Biochar programs to capture carbon and store it in the earth for the next thousand years.

We need to phase out fossil fuel consumption immediately. This has become a matter of pure survival for the entire human race.

And we can ask Exxon (on the record for funding climate skeptics) CEO Rex Tillerson how he plans to manage Global Warming’s Impacts.

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