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Corruption in the United States Congress

by on January 27, 2012

Big Fossil puts $1 into Congress and gets $59 out. LIKE and SHARE if you've had enough of this scam...

I would not care, but now we have the climate change crisis AND these people are responsible for “High Crimes Against Humanity”, because they use taxpayers money to fund a denial machine. To lie to the people about dangerous Global Warming! The fossil fuel people had lied and scamed us long enough! This is about the survival of the human race! These are climate villains!

Obama already is forced to shortcut these scam through executive orders. Time to end the corruption! Make your voice heard, stop the fraud, fight climate change! Facebook More Info visit Price of

Congress Approval Ratings at 5%

A new Rasmussen report of likely voters has Congress’ approval rating (people believing they are doing an “excellent” or “good” job) at an unimaginably low 5%, with 68% of those responding thinking that Congress is doing a “poor” job. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee went on Fox and Friends Monday morning, and noted that it places Congress just barely above a pedophile. Mediaite

Media Scrutinizes Modest Clean Energy Investments, Ignores Massive Polluter Tax Giveaways

How would American taxpayers react if they knew how much of their money went to corporations that would’ve turned billions in profits anyway thanks to their ability to treat our atmosphere like an open sewer?

The oil, gas and coal industries get as much as $49 billion in subsidies and tax giveaways every single year NWF

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