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Obama State of the Union 2012 + Energy + Climate Change

by on January 25, 2012

Continue reading here: Climate Crocks

“Obama is faced with a difficult problem, and he’s gambling on how best to solve it.  He won’t make any progress going head on.”  The SOTU and Climate


Whitehouse “Energy + Climate Change” progress

Watch full speech: 2012 State Of The Union Address (enhanced ver. + slides)

Obama Climate Change Promise (2009)

  1. Martin Lack permalink

    Very encouraging to hear Obama say all these things, all of which featured in the Green New Deal (named in honour of Franklyn D. Roosevelt) put forward by the Green Party in the UK. It would be fantastic if Congress will co-operate. What chance is there of that happening?

    • I think the chances are very slim 🙂 The US congress enjoys around 5% approval ratings. That is why Obama has to sign executive orders, to shortcut the frauds.

      • Martin Lack permalink

        Ignoring the “lyn” in Franklin above, you have now reached the limit of my knowledge of US politics/history: What do you mean by 5% approval ratings?

  2. Have a look..this is a historic low.

    Congress Approval Ratings at 5%

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