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[Video] SWIPA – A Changing Environment

by on January 19, 2012

Snow, Water, Ice, Permafrost in the Arctic (SWIPA)

Dr Lovelock explains the Daisyworld model.

Just the melting of all the floating ice in the arctic ocean, will add as much heat to the earth, as all the Co-2 we put in the atmosphere to date.” Dr. James Lovelock

Estimating the Global Radiative Impact of the Sea-Ice-Albedo Feedback in the Arctic
“…a more realistic ice-free-summer scenario (no ice for one month, decreased ice at all other times of the year) results in a forcing of about 0.3 W m−2, similar to present-day anthropogenic forcing caused by halocarbons. The potential for changes in cloud cover as a result of the changes in sea ice makes the evaluation of the actual forcing that may be realized quite uncertain, since such changes could overwhelm the forcing caused by the sea-ice loss itself, if the cloudi- ness increases in the summertime.” Source

SWIPA – The New Arctic Reality

Key Findings + Background Science = SWIPA Chapter 5 · Changing Permafrost and its Impacts (80 Mb download)

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    Excellent blog. Don’t know why I haven’t visited earlier!

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