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Climate Awareness Impacts Detroit Auto Show

by on January 19, 2012

Climate Crocks: John DeCicco, Professor of Practice at the School of Natural Resources and Environment and Research Professor at the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Energy Institute at University of Michigan, is a nationally known expert on green cars. He visited the North American Auto Show in Detroit in January 2012 and evaluated various alternative fuel vehicles, recommending the “greenest” choices for consumers.

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute’s researcher Bruce Belzowski comments on the future of small cars in the US.


Survey: Young drivers prefer electric cars

Lusting for a Lamborghini or Bentley? Not if you grew up listening to the Backstreet Boys and winning trophies for, umm, everything. A new survey finds that most Gen Y consumers (a k a “Millennials”) have a high affinity for green, eco-friendly vehicles versus any other type of car.

Researchers at Deloitte found 59% of Gen Y respondents preferred alternative power. Hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles won over 57% of respondents, and pure battery electric vehicles got 2% of the vote; by contrast, vehicles with a traditional gas-only power train were preferred by only 37%.

Contrary to stereotypes, this young generation seems to know a good value when it sees one: Fuel efficiency is the biggest appeal. In fact, close to half (49%) of Gen Y customers are willing to pay an extra $300 for each mile per gallon of improvement they can get out of a hybrid, according to Deloitte.

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