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This is Not Cool. Heatwave 2011.

by on August 11, 2011

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nighttime heat records

fingerprints of human caused warming

US Global Change Research Program: Impacts in the United States…
p. 123 – great plains

January to June global temps
“The January–June 2011 map of temperature anomalies shows that, for the first half of the year, anomalous warm temperatures were present over much of the world, ”

special thanks for music, video clips, and inspiration, to Stephen Thompson

Climate Crock of the Week 10th August 2011

  1. As the Arctic ice melts, the drought will spread north. We will evaporate like the water-beings that we are.

  2. jason permalink

    Ever heard of La Nina?

    • Yes, so? La Nina and El Nino are both part of the climate and the past La Nina have been exceptional to say the least.

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