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Evidence is in, Monckton the Pathological Liar

by on August 11, 2011

More Monckton Lies: Deranged National Press Club claims

That Monckton lies is not news for people who check his arguments. What many might not realize is, that he fits very well the clinical description of the pathological liar.

Monckton a Pathological Liar

Pathological liars are usually unconcerned or unaware of the consequences of these fabrications. When caught in a lie, these individuals usually make no effort to apologize for the lie or admit that they were wrong. One way to identify a pathological liar is by recognizing a history of broken promises, ruined relationships and an inability to complete important tasks on time. While most people feel some remorse for telling lies, a pathological liar will simply move forward and act as if nothing is wrong. Pathological Liar Symptoms

Now you have people like Rex Tillerson who funds through the ExxonMobil company an orchestrated campaign to undermine the science of climate change. They pay a few scientist and people without degree (Like Monckton)to falsify data and lie to the public. The motivation is greed and ignorance, overall a sociopathic behavior. The combination of sociopaths and pathological liars causes the recklessness we observe in the climate debate and how certain companies treat our environment.

Psychopath, a.k.a. sociopath. The essential trait of such people is that have little or no conscience, and yet they can be at the same time profoundly convincing to the layman — i.e., virtually all of us. The incidence of these curious and horrific people in the body of the whole of humanity is estimated to be of the order of 1/200. This is misleading, however, because the pathology is a matter of degree, or properly illustrated by an intensity-frequency curve. To put it simply, a psychopath can and does lie without a blink, either external or internal. And often does so for profit or simply out of total indifference to the harm he works upon the innocent and the virtuous. I have little doubt that the purveyors of purposefully, and dangerously, falsified Global Warming data ARE in many instances psychopaths, whose falsifications tend to put ALL of us at risk. Even heads of great corporations can be, in various ways and degrees, psychopathic. False climate change data a crime against humanity

The Pathological Liar

Lying is an essential part of defense, and most people lie for some or the other reason. A lie with no intentions to harm anybody might be healthy, while there might be lies that can ruin lives. Moreover the problem with lying is that it gets difficult if it becomes a habit. A habit is hard to leave; similarly lying if by habit has severe consequences and a serious personality disorder. Stories that are cooked up and delivered for no reason can become a serious cause of concern for friends and family that surround the liar.

Pathological lying is utterly complicated as it is very difficult to catch a habitual liar and differentiate him from a normal person who lies seldom. A pathological does not really lie deliberately, he actually believes in what he says, and wants others to believe in his stories too.

The most common characteristics of a pathological liar are:

  • The stories told by them are not completely untrue, and often contain grains of truth. The stories are not manifestations of delusion and the one tells them, admits them if confronted.
  • Secondly the stories told have a personal common element attached and are not short lived or outcomes of immediate situations.
  • The stories told have an internal reason behind and are not actually a manifestation of an external factor. A history of extortion, constant physical assault or domestic violence might be possible reasons.
  • The person tells stories to defend his own self or present him in a favorable position. For instance such people lie about being connected to a lot of affluent people or well known faces.
  • There might also be an instance of a false memory syndrome, which means that the person concerned actually believes that events (fictitious) have occurred in the past. For instance he might believe in the fact that he has been a winner in a particular situation by performing a superhuman like act.
  • Such people have a world of fantasies of their own and cook up stories that are pretty inconsistent, contradicting themselves most often. A pathological liar eventually finds it rather difficult to connect to stories and thus differentiate between a truth and a lie. This characteristic thus makes it easier for friends or family members of the pathological liar to diagnose the problem in him.
  • A pathological liar also appears nervous most of the time. Lying is certainly not an easy task and thus the liar is on his toes constantly to defend his stories or inconsistencies. This makes them very defensive too. A prompt question regarding their story, unexpected otherwise by them puts into an awkward position making them almost tremble. Other physical manifestations of such a situation might be constant movement or strange hand or mouth movements, while conversing. (or eye movements)
  • A pathological liar is also on a constant lookout to manipulate people or individuals. He might get extremely agitated or impulsive if he finds that his lies are not believed in.
  • They tend to ask to repeat while conversing or a questioning session. This gives them ample time to cook up a lie and throw it on the face of the interrogator. This is also an effort to make the other person believe in his lies as much as he believes in them.
  • Among other symptoms and manifestations low self esteem is most common. People uncomfortable with their own looks or status or position in life often resort to lying to make themselves feel superior than others. There might be reasons such as a childhood incident or a fear of being punished if they speak the truth that can cause a person to lie compulsively. This fear gradually turns into habit, thus convincing people of the lies they go on telling.
  • Drug addicts and habitual gamblers also become pathological liars. Such people lie to obtain their doses of drugs, and to maintain secrecy about their habit of taking drugs or alcohol. This in turn develops in them a habit of lying to get their way out. Pathological liars also do this because they have seen someone else getting away with lies easily. Thus they too resort to lying and develop a deep desire to lie in order to get results desired by them. This is common occurrence in childhood days.
  • Pathological lying can also be attributed to mood swings and personality disorders. Such people are depressed deeply and then hyperactive within seconds. This puts them in a circumstance that makes him lie to continue with his behavior. People who have intense urge for attention also do this. Such people are extremely impulsive and it becomes very difficult to deal with them.

Looking at the manifest symptoms and characteristics of a pathological liar, another question that sets in is do these people actually know that they are lying? The answer is yes and a no. They get so much into the habit of lying that it becomes difficult for them to separate realty from lies, and thus often lie unintentionally. He might however be aware of this habit as most of the times he is confronted by people by saying two different things at the same time.

It thus becomes very important to find out such people and treat them or get them to the right person. Treating them requires making them admit that they are lying constantly and this is in fact equally difficult. Though pathological lying has not been labeled as a mental disorder by psychiatrists, it certainly suggests some amount of mental disturbance.

It is thus important to know and learn all possible facts about the pathological liar to confront him in an educated way. A liar might actually not be a pathological liar, thus it is very important to carefully discern whether the person is a pathological liar in reality. Such people create a complete story full of lies to prove one single lie. It is also important to listen to the person carefully and immediately stop him while he talks strange completely out of his imagination. This is however not the right time to confront him straight away.

Tell the person that he would not lose his friends for what he is, in fact if he lies he might lose people around him. Reassurance is most essential. Be with the pathological despite of his lies. A willing friend is capable of exercising a successful therapy thus patience is important while handling them.

After gathering enough proofs of his lying, a professional help might be asked for to make him believe that he actually has a problem and needs attention. Assurance while under therapy or a treatment, that truth is enough no matter how crude it is, is very important, for the pathological liar to come out of the shell.

Before treating a pathological liar it is important to understand his brain might have different volumes of white matter as compared in an autistic or a normal individual. His brain contains more white matter and less of grey matter in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Too much white matter accounts to pathological lying. Pathological lying can affect relationships greatly. A pathological liar tends to establish relations on the basis of superficial lies.

Most common and useful form of treatment thus might be a psychological intervention. Psychotherapy is a good option and can be effectively used in the initial phase of treatment. This can be an important resort pathological liars are often unable to differentiate between lies and truth.

Another significant approach is the cognitive therapy approach that tries to find out the root cause behind lies. Cognitive therapy tries to find out what are the emotional and behavioral results of lying. A thorough check of their personality for any kind of disorders is a prerequisite in any treatment. In case any element of personality disorder is found, psychotropic medication might be of help. It is however important to be aware of the fact that pathological liars are skilled liars and they have great abilities to lie and manipulate people. It is also a fact that psychological liars are very difficult unless they agree to cooperate.

Counseling can also help in dealing with compulsive lying. What is most difficult is to recognize a pathological liar and then getting him admit that he has a problem and thus getting him ready to go for a treatment. Pathological liars if treated on time can prevent their lives from going astray and thus help them save important relationships.  SociopathX

Evidence of Monckton is a pathological Liar.


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If we do not act now to keep our climate in check, we alter the climate state irreversible and risk the extinction of the human species! The denial can no longer be tolerated.

  1. Monkton will go down as the most significant architect of genocide in human history. Just like Tobacco companies knew about lung cancer long casual scientist, so did oil companies and Monkton.

    A new report by David Wasdell show that climate sensitivity may be far higher than expected. Both Charney and Hansen sensitivity may be grossly underestimated. I haven’t read over the report fully since it’s late, but it seems interesting.

    “A multi-disciplinary approach, independent of any climate model, and supported by a specially designed Graphic Simulator, identifies a (minimum) value for the Earth System Sensitivity of 7.8ºC for the equilibrium outcome of doubling the concentration of atmospheric CO2. That is an Amplification Factor of 6.5 times the effect of the CO2 on its own. The new value has a much higher degree of certainty than the Charney Sensitivity and indicates that the current conservative estimate of climate sensitivity falls far short of reality and must be increased by a factor of just over 2½ times. This new value of the Earth System Sensitivity (ESS) should now replace the Charney Sensitivity.”

    • Hi Shaheer, thank you for the input. In response i posted this blog here

      Climate Shift impact Risk Assessment revisited

  2. At this point in time almost the entire global leadership is engaged in pathological lies. Their science and militaries have told them the facts about Climate Change and Peak Oil and they in turn go to their people and lie relentlessly to enable a few more years of profit taking before the inevitable crash.

    The Pakistan and Australian floods, the Midwest floods, the severe drought from Oklahoma to Guatamala; these are all climate change related events. They destroy normal economic activity. Our politicians in turn act as if they are unrelated or simply non-existent.

    Monckton is merely the front man for a long list of liars.

  3. livinginabox permalink

    The question is: Is there any evidence of Monckton telling the truth?

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