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Alex Jones calls Green activist Nazis, just like the Koch Brothers campaigners

by on August 10, 2011

Alex Jones himself is a puppet of fossil fuel interest

Since years Alex Jones invites people like Lord Monckton or Marc Morano to his shows, which are both over and over debunked in their arguments. For example see here Alex Jones + Monckton = Epic Fail. It’s like watching the cherry picking world championships of pathological liars and now he calls Greens and Environmentalist, Nazis. For Alex Jones carbon tax means big government and a plot of an conspiracy from the “Globalist” mafia. Whatever this is, he does not explain much, only repeats the talking points of the Exxon and Koch Brothers orchestrated campaign to undermine the science about climate change. He uses slurs, claims and ad hominem attacks on people like Al Gore or George Soros and claims they  planing a conspiracy for world government. When he cites climate studies he is careful to pick only what fits his agenda. For instance random polls or makes up his argument based on what a journalist writes. But all that misses the point and only fits his views or the views of his boss.

Marc Morano & Alex Jones: Al Gore’s Green Nazi Movement Have Lost The Global Warming War!

Video proof David Koch, the polluting billionaire, pulls the strings of the Tea Party extremists

With this kind of cherry picked propaganda from Alex Jones he is part of the orchestrated campaign from fossil fuel, Big Oil and on line with the Tea Party, which calls to shut down the EPA entirely. Don’t mind clean air and water… Beside this the strings of the tea Party are pulled, by the not so grassroot initiative from David Koch himself. Koch Industries a 100 billion $ enterprise…

The Koch Brothers & Their Amazing Climate Change Denial Machine

  1. So now I’m a Nazi.

    • Don’t forget you’re a communist also and a watermelon, probably also some sort of Brassicaceae boiled too long.

      These people are promoting socialism by the simple act of accusing others of being socialists. If these crazies are against it then it has to be a good thing right?

  2. These people have killed us..
    They’re stolen the future of the young and unborn.

  3. Alex Jones is bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers’ philosophies are rooted in The John Birch Society – their father (Fred Koch) was a founding member of that far-far-right wing organization.

    The Koch brothers have molded the Tea Party with all of the major ideals of the John Birch Society and have pumped millions upon millions of dollars into that organization. They have also created and funded many other organizations and groups including the Cato Institute.

    Rick Perry (ver. 2.0) is a creation of the Koch Brothers and is being propped up as another avenue for the Koch Brothers to achieve their goals – just like Alex Jones.

    Alex Jones is just on of the propaganda outlets for the new “John Birch Society” masquerading as the Tea Party and funded by his Texas cronies – the Koch Brothers.

    • I love how Alex is such a big Perry fan 🙂

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