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U.N. Security Council to Take Up Climate Change

by on July 12, 2011

U.N. Security Council HQ

More developing nations back the idea that global warming is an issue for the council

Germany now says the Security Council is following up on this request.

  • Discussions will hopefully be narrowly focused on “the existential threat, especially to small island states and coastal states, by sea level rise” as well as “the effects that climate change has on food sec and the risk that it entails for the maintenance of peace and security,” Wittig said.

Small island governments want the Security Council to go even further. John Silk, foreign minister of the Marshall Islands, said his and other governments will press to have the Security Council appoint a special adviser on climate and security. Such an adviser, he said, should be charged with investigating where and how territory may be lost as a result of a rise in global sea levels.

  • Scientists say that ocean warming and ice cap melting will make a rise in ocean levels of 1 to 2 meters by 2100 inevitable.

The Marshall Islands minister also said small island governments want the council to discuss climate change on a regular basis, ideally once every month. By placing the issue permanently on the agenda, advocates of climate action said they hope a general sense of urgency will grow stronger and perhaps propel international climate negotiations toward a successful conclusion. Source Scientific American

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