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France plans to end the age of nuclear power

by on July 11, 2011

France includes nuclear power exit among option

(Reuters) – France raised the possibility for the first time of pulling out of nuclear power although its energy minister stressed on Friday that this was just one of many scenarios, not the one favored by the government. Source Reuters

France Opens Bidding for $14 Billion Offshore Wind Farm Plan  Read more: Source SF Gate

France Seeks to Expand Wind Power

The French government announced Monday the launch of a €10 billion ($14.26 billion) tender offer to build five offshore wind farms, in a bid to muscle up the country’s renewable-energy industry and reduce its longstanding reliance on atomic power.

The wind farms, which will comprise some 1,200 wind turbines off the west coast of France, should generate 3.5% of the country’s energy output, the French ecology and industry ministries said in a joint statement. The farms will come online between 2015 and 2020.

The long-awaited tender is part of a wider government push to make renewable energy account for 23% of total energy production by 2020. It also comes as France’s government is under increasing pressure to reduce its dependence on nuclear power.

Atomic energy generates around 80% of France’s electricity needs, but following the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan, and with the 2012 presidential elections looming, political support for the energy source is beginning to waver.

“The aim is to create a French industry and gain a leadership position in the world,” French Ecology Minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet said in a statement. “We are calling for industrials to mobilize to create a subsidiary of excellence.”

French energy company GDF Suez said last week it is teaming up with construction and concession company Vinci SA and nuclear-technology group Areva SA to bid in the French government tender for an offshore wind-farm project.

Source Wsj

Medigrid – Transgreen a year after its launch, the project is progressing well

The initiative is part of the Mediterranean Solar Plan which provides for the construction, by 2020, 20 gigawatts (GW) of capacity délectricité renewable, including solar, in the Mediterranean.

Of these, about 5 GW should be exported to Europe, said the executive chairman of Medgrid.

We also wish to represent Turkey, with whom we interact, Algeria, Libya, when the situation will be back to normal, and Cyprus, said Mr. Merlin, citing countries that are not yet part of the device. Source Romandie

The War in Libya and the Arab riots have held two major projects of electrical integration with the Mediterranean waiting for better times.

The first were the Germans and even the choice fell on the Western Desert, the Sahara, a mineral universe that has fertilized an entire continent, keeping extraordinary wealth. And this is the Sahara (more than nine million square kilometers “of cheap land” reports – tout court – the explanation), the object of attention for a few large corporations.

Libya, Morocco, Algeria may be countries converged in the center for implementing the massive sign Forging European energy. Twenty German companies, including Muenchner Rueck, insurance giant, Siemens, Deutsche Bank and RWE, Germany’s second largest producer for electricity, they were ready to allocate 400 billion euros for the construction of solar power plants in the middle of the Sahara, where the radiation per square meter is 2.7 times higher than Europe.

At the mega initiative, called “Desertec”, the ‘Italy would do its part (with Enel and Terna ), in a very marginal. Much more timely France, who promptly responded with energy supply in the Mediterranean and a related project, “Medgrid”.

The powerful solar radiation, directed in large reflective surfaces, would be used to heat a particular lubricant, whose heat when turned into steam, would activate the turbines of power plants, reproducing, in broad terms, the same two decades solar technology installed ago in the Mojave Desert in California (where, according to Sven Moormann, of Solar Millennium, the mirrors still work as in the days of their placement).

If the project Teutonic, along with the French, had gone ahead, a huge expanse of panels would have occupied much of the Sahara to Europe to provide electricity as a percentage of 20% of its total needs. “To contribute effectively to the fight against climate change and our economies need new impulses, “according to Thorsten Jeworrek, president of the Muenchner Rueck, hoping the first delivery in Germany, within ten years.

Today more than ever, after the obvious failure of nuclear power , Europe needs energy and urgency have any, preparing for new sources on a continent where most people do not even know what electricity is. Andree Bohling of Greenpeace and Queens Gunther, an expert on climate change, leading member of the WWF in Germany, have already approved the motion “Desertec” in collaboration with the French “Medgrid”. “It goes in the right direction,” important that Africa it gets its own advantage. Source Manager online


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