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Obama: Congress lacks ‘urgency’ on energy bill

by on July 7, 2011

President Obama on Wednesday knocked Capitol Hill inaction on legislation to curb oil use and called on lawmakers to send him a “robust” plan.

House Republicans – with limited Democratic backing – have passed several bills to speed up and expand offshore drilling, and Senate GOP lawmakers have called for similar measures.

But Obama criticized what he called a lack of focus on weaning the nation off oil.

“Unfortunately we have not seen a sense of urgency coming out of Congress over the last several months on this issue. Most of the rhetoric has been about, ‘let’s produce more,’” Obama said during the White House’s “Twitter Town Hall” event.

“Well, we can produce more, and I am committed to that, but the fact is we only have 2 to 3 percent of the world’s oil reserves, we use 25 percent of the world’s oil. We can’t drill our way out of this problem,” Obama said at the White House social media event.

Obama touted increased fuel economy standards and other steps the administration has taken using its existing authorities.

But the White House is also seeking Capitol Hill action on several measures, even though a major energy bill faces tough odds in a divided Congress.

Administration energy goals include $7,500 rebates for purchasing electric vehicles. More broadly, a top White House energy adviser recently suggested that legislation aimed at spurring deployment of electric cars could form the basis for a bipartisan energy compromise.

“I’d like to see robust legislation in Congress that actually took some steps to reduce oil dependency,” Obama said, although he did not provide specifics.

He said oil will remain a major energy source for some time even with a “full throttle” push for clean energy, but added that reducing reliance will have major benefits.

“If we had a goal, or we are just reducing our dependence on oil each year in a staggered set of steps, it would save consumers in their pocketbook, it would make our businesses more efficient and less subject to the whims of the spot oil market, it would make us less vulnerable to the kinds of disruptions that have occurred because of what happened in the Middle East this spring, and it would drastically cut down on our carbon resources,” Obama said.

The White House is also pushing for expanded green energy R&D funding, and a “clean energy standard” that would mandate a major increase in low-carbon power supplies from utilities (a measure that faces especially steep hurdles). Source The Hill

  1. Sally Horn permalink

    Please pass the link, below, around and try to get folks to take the actions listed on the home page. This is particularly relevant to anyone you know who has cancer.

    • It’s caused becasue the sun heats the planet differently, and over vast areas. As a place warms up, the air expands, causing a pressure change. Wind is simple high pressure air moving towards a low pressure region to balance things out. The boundaries are not normally so definite that you could notice the effect you described.Simply, it is caused by sun becasue if no sun will there Then the no area will become hot, no air will rise, and no one will come to take the rising air’s placeHope it helps!!

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